About NWR

Operating in the United States and internationally, New Water ReSources is a small consulting firm that specializes in problem solving around public understanding of water, water reuse, and sustainable water management. We understand the importance of an integrated approach to water management and are particularly skilled at bridging the gap between the engineering/scientific community and the general public to promote water reuse—through the use of environmental education exhibits, videos, interactive computer programs, and printed materials. We also work directly with stakeholders to increase their appreciation for the technical considerations and larger policy context of complex water issues.

New Water ReSources was founded in 2009 by Linda Macpherson, with a goal of changing people’s minds about our water future. For decades, Linda has helped clients position their organizations to identify emerging water-related opportunities, address challenges, and transform their organization’s vision into effective action.

A typical process involves:

  • Discovery—initiating discussions with an eager and open mind, to identify the key questions that need attention and to discover the best solution to the problem
  • Collaboration—working with the right type of technologist to deliver a strategic message
  • Media—determining the media that will communicate the message, so that they reach the target audience
  • Implementation—designing and creating materials, websites, exhibits and other tools that engage the public, spark meaningful conversations, and ultimately change thinking and behavior