Meet the Team

Unique projects deserve unique teams. New Water Resources assembles one-of-kind collaborative teams to meet the needs of each project. Most teams are built around Linda Macpherson, the founder of New Water ReSources, and include selected members of NWR. These specialty firms are devoted to changing people’s minds about our water future. With Linda’s three decades of experience, she can pull together the right team of professionals for virtually any water-related project—to solve her clients’ problems in communicating about water planning, management, and reuse.

Depending on the needs of the project, New Water ReSources can tap national or international experts on water reuse and planning, risk assessment, research, stakeholder surveys and outreach, and communication strategies. New Water ReSources also has readily available contacts in exhibit design and construction, graphic design, and video and website production who can turn the client’s vision into reality. We have found that expanding the circles of collaboration and innovation results in solutions that are truly effective because they incorporate the ideas of many people, including key stakeholders.

Who do you need on your project?

Linda Macpherson, New Water Resources Founder and Managing Member

Kelly Kievit, Aesthetic Design Director

Tack Roberts, Exhibit Design Director

Peter Swanson, Video Production Director

Jim Swenson, Senior Consultant

Bob Field, Director of Historic Interpretation

Bruce Warner, Interactive Experience Designer & Developer

Kristin Alford, Foresight & Communications Consultant

James Hutson, Animator & Illustrator