James Hutson

Chief Visualist & Co- Director | Bridge8 Pty Ltd

photo-1James is an animator and illustrator who uses conversational language and visuals to prompt thinking about possible futures.

He has been involved in awareness of and engagement with emerging science and technology for over 14 years, having started as a researcher with the future-focused television series Beyond 2000 in 1997. His television and new media-honed science and technology scanning practices bring surprising, provoking and tangible examples, which capture the imagination.

During this time he has researched, written, designed or developed factual content for local and international clients including Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, National Geographic and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

James has qualifications in law (LLB, GDLP), science (BSc majoring in molecular biology and computer programming) and animation and interactive media (MA).

His most recent work with New Water ReSources is a six-part series called “Water: Think & Drink” for the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence on sustainable, systems and design thinking. James has also delivered “Ways of Water” and “Protecting Our Drinking Water” for the WateReuse Association. “Ways of Water” has been also translated into Spanish.

James’s other animation work includes This Thing Called Science, his set of animations on science thinking, won best animation in 2013 SCINEMA (Australia’s Science Film Festival) and Gee Mmm Oh, an animation tackling the science and debate around genetic modification in rhyme, was selected as part of Science Studio’s Best Science Multimedia on the Web for 2012. He has also completed infographics for the Marine Stewardship Council CSIRO and the State Government of South Australia. All of the Bridge8 animations are available on this YouTube channel.