Jim Swenson

Senior Consultant

jim_swensonNew Media Magic was started in 1980 as primarily a documentary film production unit by former CBS producer Jim Swenson. A graduate of Stanford University, Swenson has written, directed and produced literally hundreds of film and video pieces for commercial and educational national broadcast, industrial and educational video markets, visitor centers and museums throughout the world. More recently he has focused on interactive productions for museums and visitor centers. For each project, Swenson assembles teams of appropriate creative professionals from a large pool of talented writers, film makers, graphic artists, animators, programmers, web specialists and instructional designers.

“Increasingly, the interactive experience is moving more and more outside of the museum walls to appear on web books, mobile devices, smart phones. This is guiding future work. We have been using social media to drive information consumers to information sources and to discuss those experiences with their friends. We provide the initial research and design through turnkey delivery of solutions.”

He has partnered with Linda Macpherson and/or others on her team designing interactive displays for:

  • NEWater Visitor Centre (Singapore)
  • Gippsland Vortex Environmental Education center (Vic, Australia)
  • LOTT Water Education Center (Olympia, Washington)
  • Water Resources Education Center (Vancouver, Wa)
  • Boise Watershed Environmental Education Center (Boise, ID)
  • Marin Municipal Water District Desalination Pilot Plant (CA)
  • Tacoma TAGRO ¬†Wastewater Recycling Visitor Center
  • Global Water Sustainability Center (Doha, Qatar)
  • ACTEW, Canberra (ACT) Australia
  • Water Futures Toowoomba (NSW) Australia
  • Beijing 2008 Olympics Visitor Centre proposal