Kelly Kievit

Art Director, New Water ReSources; Freelance Graphic Designer

Kelly_kievit2Creating harmony between art and nature, recreation and education, functionality and reflection, contemplation and play.

Kelly Kievit’s presentations are storyboards of images and text that bring ideas to life. Kelly specializes in creating the context for people to re-imagine wastewater through graphics and images that reshape traditional design values that have formed our perceptions about what is possible. This reshaping enables people to change their mental models about water’s value at a time when alternate views of water and water cycle management are urgently needed.

Kelly is the Art Director for New Water ReSources, a freelance Graphic Designer, and a practicing professional artist with formal training in photography, sculpture, installation and public art.

Interpretive Design
Creating cohesive visitor experiences by merging brand, print collateral, signage, exhibits and public art with architecture, landscape and community.

Graphic Design
Identity suites: branding, logo, website design, multi-page layouts, brochures, newsletters, community feedback forms, long- and short-term signage, PowerPoint presentations, large-scale conference graphics, custom illustration.