NWR Values

The New Water ReSources team cares deeply about our water future. In this changing world, we believe it’s possible to manage our water supplies to maintain both our quality of life and the health of the planet. Together with our colleagues around the globe, New Water ReSources is helping stakeholders to rethink water management, identify valuable untapped resources, and envision how new approaches can ensure a safe and sustainable source of water for society’s many needs.

Our team members do think about other things besides water, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like it! In addition to our project work, we participate in water-related professional organizations, speak and write about water issues nationally and internationally, and interact with scores of academics, engineers, regulators, and managers, all talking about the future of water. As we get to know our clients and their unique situations, we tap these wider resources to expand the circle of collaboration and innovation and come up with truly effective solutions, which incorporate many people’s ideas.

Our work has shown that tailored education/outreach materials can change people’s minds about water. Instead of telling people what to think or do, we analyze their current understanding and  invite them to engage and explore new ideas. Potential tools include everything from a simple trifold brochure to a state-of-the-art visitor center, with interactive exhibits, games, and associated websites. We appreciate how new media allow us to spark ongoing community conversations about water. We also understand the value of framing the topic and leveraging the power of storytelling, using both new media and more traditional approaches.