New Water ReSources has a proven track record of helping clients reach their target audience and moving people to take actions that benefit the larger community. Our services range from visioning and strategizing to design and management. Through it all, we work with our client’s team to establish design parameters, schedules, and deliverables that fit the budget. Whether the project involves hardware or soft content, community outreach or interpretive programming, the teams we assemble have the depth to offer thoughtful interpretations of the most complex environmental issues facing the world today.

Our services include:

  • Vision development and strategy assistance.  We help clients define what they want to achieve and then recommend strategies for implementing that vision.
  • Facilitation. We identify meeting goals, plan and develop activities, and lead group processes.
  • Project management. We secure, organize, manage, and track the resources needed to complete complex projects successfully.
  • Project identity, branding, and message development. We identify each project’s unique qualities and the key messages that will communicate its value.
  • Audience analysis and communications strategy. We do outreach and surveys to assess people’s current understanding and preconceptions. We then determine the appropriate media, phases, and timing for communications that will reach the target audience.
  • Visitor centre/interpretive exhibit concept design, plus design development. We develop concepts and designs for educational facilities of all sorts, drawing on our network of technical experts, educational specialists, writers and artists, and communication strategists.
  • Graphic design, image development, and collaterals. We design, develop, and produce logos, layouts, displays, brochures, and fact sheets.
  • Website design, information architecture, and user experience definition. We develop concepts for websites, games, and interactive displays and direct technical experts in implementing them.
  • Display preparation and fabrication. We guide key teaming partners in developing focused software and fabricating exhibit components.

“As an exhibit designer and manager, I enjoy being at the table early to gain a fundamental knowledge of the client‘s aspiration—and  inevitably I seem be the last one out the door as the project is completed. All phases of the project have an attraction for me.”

– Tack Roberts, MG Design Associates