Featured Projects

We are proud to have worked on some of the most innovative water and wastewater reuse educational facilities in the world. We’ve learned that we bring out the best in people, we demand the best of each other, and we deliver a product like no other. See for yourself.

Evidence-Based Media — Australia and the US
Evidence-based media that improve understanding of water recycling and treatment

Water Education Exhibit — Orange County, California
Videos and animations that engage people about water sources, quality, and management

Water Purification Demonstration Project  San Diego, California
A facility tour that explains new advanced water treatment technologies to the community

Sustainable Water Supply Websites — Ventura and Soquel, California
Websites that communicate with stakeholders about safe and sustainable water supplies

Strategic Communications on Water Reuse — Santa Clara Valley, California
Key messages communicated to the public via a website, fact sheets, brochure, display, and message card

The Ways of Water
A short, animated overview of humans and the water cycle, including direct potable reuse

Water Reuse Fact Sheets — Florida
Fact sheets for the general public on reclaimed water for drinking water purposes

NEWater Visitor Centre — Singapore
An international resource for public understanding and acceptance of water reuse

WaterShed Environmental Education Center — Boise, Idaho
A visitor destination that connects history, water treatment, and a sustainable future

The Vortex Center — Victoria, Australia
An interactive showcase of the local watershed and of technology used for state-of-the-art “green” wastewater treatment and recycling

Global Sustainability Center — Doha, Qatar
A visitor center that promotes water conservation and technology within the context of a national awareness campaign

Invenergy Signage — Forward, Wisconsin
A dynamic roadside attraction that communicates the effects and benefits of wind energy

Water Cycle Visitor Centre and Walkway — Perth, Australia
An outdoor walkway, visitor centre and demonstration centre signage that provides community education about water recycling