Evidence-Based Media (Australia and the US)

Evidence-based media that improve understanding of water recycling and treatment

case_study_australia-usOver four years, New Water ReSources played a key role in researching and creating evidence-based educational products designed to increase community acceptance of recycled water as an alternative drinking water source. Products included (1) six “Think and Drink” animations that use humor to probe issues related to water recycling, (2) a dozen science animations that illustrate water treatment processes, (3) a 15-minute video that explores the complexities of the water cycle, (4) a library of “infographic” images suitable for presentations, brochures, and websites, and (5) the interactive Global Connections Map, which features more than 100 videos from places in the world where water is being recycled.

Co-produced by the Australian Water Recycling Center of Excellence and later added to by the Water Reuse Foundation, the Global Connections Map was key in expanding people’s understanding that water reuse is occurring throughout the world. The map showcases videos organized around the themes of need, benefits, safety, and citizen commentary and presents footage of U.S. and international experts answering frequently asked questions about water recycling. Much of the material that was generated to create the Global Connections Map is available in a searchable database of more than 1,000 sound bites; these can be downloaded and reconfigured to produce short videos that target different stakeholders.

The research portion of this project received the WateReuse Association’s 2014 Water Reuse International Award.

NWR members who worked on this project: Linda Macpherson, Peter Swanson, James Hutson

Learn more about the Global Connections Map and related educational products here.