Strategic Communications on Water Reuse (Santa Clara Valley, California)

case_study_santa_clara_valley_water_districtClient: Santa Clara Valley Water District

As a subconsultant to Katz and Associates, New Water ReSources played an integral role in developing and implementing a strategic plan to communicate to the public the value of potable reuse. After analyzing relevant research and developing key messages (in cooperation with Santa Clara Valley Water District), New Water ReSources wrote and/or designed, and illustrated a set of communication tools that included fact sheets, brochures, a message card, and a display.

New Water ReSources also prepared the water district’s website,, to convey the key messages. Included on the website are a video tour of the water district’s advanced water purification center; information about the water cycle and water purification technology; a global map showing reuse around the world; FAQs; and quotes from national experts on the need for, benefits, and safety of recycled water.

All of the strategic communication tools NWR developed are designed to provide clear, factual information about water reuse.

NWR members who worked on this project: Linda Macpherson, Peter Swanson, Leslie Wolko, Tack Roberts

“[Your website] is excellent and utilizes so many new and important facets for communicating where our industry is headed. My congratulations to all involved — job well done!”

Mark Millan
Principal, Data Instincts Public Outreach Consultants