Sustainable Water Supply Websites (Ventura and Soquel, CA)

Website content, design, and programming that explain sustainable water options

case_study_websitesVentura-SoquelThe New Water ReSources team designed, prepared content, and provided the programming for two California water utilities seeking to communicate with their stakeholders about safe and sustainable water supplies.

The Ventura Water website presents key information about the water cycle and how advanced treatment technologies can make effluent a part of a long-term potable water reuse strategy that contributes to human, ecological, and economic health.

The Soquel Creek Water District website explains the role advanced water purification can play in developing a supplemental water source that can also protect local groundwater from seawater intrusion.

Both websites include three short videos on water reuse that New Water ReSources created for the WateReuse Research Foundation: The Ways of Water, Downstream, and the Water: Think and Drink animations (completed first for the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence).