Water Education Exhibit (Orange County, California)

Videos and animations that engage people about water sources, quality, and management

case_study_OCWDNew Water ReSources created interactive, multimedia water education exhibits that help visitors to the Orange County Water District’s administrative building understand why clean water is important, how the district manages local groundwater resources to ensure high-quality drinking water, and what the county’s 2.4 million residents can do to help protect the groundwater basin. Anchoring the exhibit are animations about the science and management of water resources; these are supplemented by a video showing how a drop of potable water gets to the household tap, animations and videos on the district’s water quality testing practices, the Global Connections Map (an interactive map featuring places around the world that use recycled water for drinking), and other empowering educational media.

NWR members who worked on this project: Linda Macpherson, Peter Swanson, James Hutson