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The Effective Water Professional: Leadership, Communication, Management, Finance, and Governance
This book by the Water Environment Federation features a chapter on communications co-authored by Linda Macpherson, founder of New Water ReSources. Published in the fall of 2015, The Effective Water Professional presents proven techniques for success, contributed by industry leaders, during a time when we increasingly need global water solutions. The communications chapter explains the importance of changing community paradigms about water and wastewater and presents information on key communication skills, effective outreach tools, and how to time stakeholder communications for maximum success.

The Effective Water Professional is available at Amazon.

World Water: Water Reuse & Desalination / Summer 2015
“Today, we can reliably purify water far beyond the level required for human consumption – to levels much purer than the purest municipal drinking water.” says Linda Macpherson, in her recent article “Public Outreach for Informed Acceptance.” for World Water: Reuse & Desalination.

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Waste-d-water to Pure Water by Jenifer Simpson 
In this highly readable guide we discover what we put into water, how we take it out again and how we can be sure that it has been taken out. It is fully illustrated with diagrams, cartoons and photos. It is unique in that it starts by explaining the pollutants that may be in the water – organic and inorganic chemicals and microorganisms – and goes on to describe the sophisticated and efficient technologies available to remove them so that we understand and learn to trust them. It then tells us how we can be sure that they have been taken out. The booklet introduces the star rating system for water quality that describes the quality of water as it becomes progressively cleaner – the more stars, the more opportunities to use the precious resource. The technical content is easy to follow. It provides accurate knowledge so that we can have a realistic perspective when considering how our water should be managed.

“The booklet is the perfect primer for anyone beginning to take a look at recycled or reclaimed water, how it is made, its quality, and types of uses. It also brings a clear perspective to the risks associated with recycled water use.” (Mark Milan Foreword to US edition)

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WateReuse Research Foundation Animations & Videos
Linda Macpherson/New Water ReSources and her team have been able to show a direct connection between her work and public understanding and acceptance of potable reuse. Her successes include animations and videos that bring strategically designed content and messaging together.

The approach she has developed is grounded in extensive research for WateReuse Research Foundation projects that have been proven so effective that they are now on YouTube and have been translated into Spanish to broaden their reach.

World Water: Water Reuse & Desalination / Autumn 2012
“It’s time to close the loop of water, energy, and resources education,” says CH2M Hill’s Chief Reuse Technologist Linda Macpherson, who argues that new language and more knowledge can help frame the public’s views on water reuse, leading to greater acceptance of the renewable water resource.

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