A Thirsty Planet

water_cycle_revIn a world where less than one percent of our water is available for human use, we must find new and innovative ways to extend the life of our water resources. By finding creative ways to use our planet’s water supplies, we can ensure that our world’s water is safer, cleaner, and more sustainable today—for our generation, and generations to come.

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MG Design: Environments that Engage!

mg_mdesignAt MG Design, our passion goes beyond creating beautiful exhibits, events and environments. We start by learning all we can about you; your products and services, your audience and your goals. Then we develop a strategic, fully integrated plan that includes design, interpretation, technology and logistics and ends with stronger, ongoing relationships with our customers. It’s powerful. It’s beautiful. It’s strategic. And it gets results…by design. Contact Tack Roberts to learn more.


Wolko Design Group

wolko-designWolko Design Group, Inc. is a full service creative resource that incorporates innovative vision with strategic expertise. Their multi-talented team has been delivering award-winning communication experiences, through website development (including e-commerce), print design, identity and brand development, interactive kiosks and computer-based training applications, since 2001.


Global Visions & Associates, Inc. : A Different Point of View

global_visionsGlobal Visions is a film and video production company with a different point of view. They can help you look at the world from a different perspective. Inventive and creative people, they recognize that our visions are shaped by our broader experience in the world. Global Vision’s work on water, the environment, sustainable investing and poverty solutions has given them a unique lens through which to see intersecting stories. This international experience enables them to help you see connections that bind many sectors and levels of the global community.